People offer advice People offer stuff for free People are buying more advice and paying more for relief than ever before!
Stress is the number one cause of divorce, pills, and disease. Evil is the lead cause of kidnapping and forcing kids into sex slavery often at ages 8-10 years old. Billions of dollars feed into this new pandemic of pure evil.

The FBI monitor certain Craigslist and other sex for sale sites ... Why Do People Buy Children for Sex?   MONEY ... BILLIONS!
Your local police often are aware but almost pathetically powerless against the money machine driving this industry. 

Learning from our experiences brings this question: Would you rather experience relief by scratching an itch you could not previously or Would you rather have never experienced that itch at all?

Not one in a million but twenty out of 500 people hate their job, their life and seem bound to make life miserable for themselves and their families, friends and colleagues, out of those surveyed, between 7 - 10 were aware of facebook, twitter and phone texting almost three hours out of each day. One out of 200 were considering divorce or  changing partners after a single year of facebooking or social computer visiting. This Social Facebooking, Surfing, is the rising cause of divorce and sex online lures.

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Sandra sat on the curb with her face in her hands. She was exhausted, desperate and terrified. She had no idea how to get out of where she was. Her skirt was ripped and blood stained her hands. Her eyes were gritty with pain and blood as the swelling took over most of her face.

She had no idea that she would end up in such a situation. Her last memory of her mother was when she said goodbye to her on her way to school. She couldn’t remember exactly how long ago it was. It seemed like so long ago. Her heart was so sad, full of shame and fear. Fear of the awful man who took her away that foggy morning when she was walking on the sidewalk, all alone, on her way to class.

“See you after school,” her mom had cheerfully called after her.

The words now echoed in her head over and over. The memory of her mother’s beautiful heart shaped face etched into her mind forever, never to be forgotten. She never dreamed anything like what she was going through could ever happen to her. She was only 12, hardly more than a little girl, lost and alone in a world of sex, drugs and brutal street pimps.

“Get up you lazy bitch!” She heard Alex scream from a car that had just pulled up to the corner.

Sandra dragged herself up, terrified of what was going to happen. Her eyes were wide as he rushed forward and pushed her hard into the wall.

“What happened to you?” Alex sneered. “Where is my money, you lazy slut!” Alex demanded evilly.

Sandra tried not to cry, but, it was impossible. She pulled all the crumpled money she had from her purse and quickly gave it to him, afraid he would hit her for not having enough as he often did.

“This is all you have?” Alex demanded again, waving the bills into her face.

Salty, wet tears streamed down her cheeks as she nodded emphatically. She tried to speak but nothing came out.

“I asked you, what happened?” Alex demanded angrily again.

Sandra tried to speak but couldn’t get the words out. She was terribly afraid and she knew what was coming if she couldn’t answer.

“The guy beat me up and…and… wouldn’t pay,” she whispered as loudly as she could.

She hung her head in shame. Alex grabbed Sandra’s hair and dragged her to the car. He shoved her in the backseat without another spoken word, his actions said enough. Sandra tried to hold in her sorrow but big gulping sobs came from deep in her throat.

“Shut-up you dumb, stupid idiot! This is your damn fault! If you would learn to protect yourself against these freaks, we wouldn’t have to go through this every week!” Alex exploded.

Sandra’s mind drifted as he continued on and on how lazy and stupid she was. All she wanted was to get home to her mother whom she knew wanted her back, someone who loved her more than anything and must be going out of her mind with fear and worry. She always thought of ways to run away but, somehow, she was always too scared to try it.

 She was ashamed and dirty now though, but still, she knew her mother would love her no matter what. She just couldn’t figure out how to escape. The pain was too real and frightening. Alex was really evil and would beat her without hardly any provocation.

Sandra had never seen anyone like Alex before. Alex was like the devil, and she was sure he could see her even when he wasn’t even physically there. How else would he know what she was doing all the time? He always told her he knew everything about her, and if she tried to escape, he would come and kill her family and take her baby sister to the men who like to have sex with babies.

She desperately wanted to escape, but she wouldn’t allow this man to hurt her family and she knew Alex meant every word of what he said. He was the devil. He had eyes everywhere and if he had his way, she would never see her family again.

Sandra sent a little prayer to God just hoping he would hear her this time. Her mom had always said if she ever needed help, she could ask God, and he would help her. She couldn’t understand why all these men would do these nasty, horrible things to her. If she was a child of God’s, how could he let this happen?

She was angry at God and had practically given up hope. She was in pain constantly, her privates hurt and her mind was blank. The drugs were a welcome relief as Alex shot her up full of the euphoric and addictive drug heroin. She was addicted now and her body ached for the relief it brought.

Alex demanded her go up to the apartment and go to sleep. She clumsily tumbled out of the car, not feeling the pain after hurting her knee, as another girl helped her up to the stairs. The world quickly faded away in blissful sleep as her head hit the carpet on the filthy floor littered with trash, urine and cockroaches.

The single most consistent cause of social unrest is lack of communication skills and the timing of revealing that little secret. Money is a covert trouble maker and is tied to several partner problems including the number one, Lack of Respect or Gratitude for what they have. Love is ranked number three on the must have for a happy and successful partnership, Number One was Respect /Gratitude and Number Two was Finances!

Statistics tell us that 85% of North American households last year
did not buy one non-fiction book. Not one!  If that amazes you, here
is something even more amazing.  90% of those who bought a
non-fiction book did not read it!  Yet during that period of time
these same people spent 85 BILLION DOLLARS on movies and watched
television over 6 hours a day or 42 hours a week!      

CONSTANT constant TELEVISION is NOT helping the world

mindless sports watching is killing america not helping at all!  sure a special game
or series, but screaming and arguing over mindless testosterone laden sports figures
(making multi-millions)is nothgin short of mind paralyzing. okay i used to think women
were insane to watch Soaps, now I catch men addicted to getting home to watcha soap ... dude what happened to you??!!